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Is Sexless reproduction a possible future?

by on Nov.15, 2012, under Uncategorized

According to Dick Pelletier from the Institute of Ethics & Emerging Technologies

“Cutting-edge research around the world will soon launch a new era in human procreation – a world in which embryos can be ‘brought to term’ in artificial wombs, replacing traditional pregnancies.”

He goes on to say:

“In Japan, Juntendo University researcher Yosinori Kuwabara and his team kept goat fetuses growing for ten days. While this womb was only a prototype, Kuwabara predicts that a fully functioning artificial womb capable of gestating a human fetus will evolve in the near future.”

Whilst I visualise matrix-style human farms, I cannot help but wonder whether there is reason enough to pursue such technology or even if it is even ethical in the first place. Having children of my own, I must unfortunately agree with the critics which are arguing that such technology would intefer with the mother-child development of the baby and the contributions that such interaction provides.

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Inside the strange new world of basement body hackers

by on Aug.20, 2012, under Uncategorized

Our bodies have been equipped with an array of sensory receptors which constantly stream information to our brains for processing, But what if could expand on this and introduce new ways of sensing and interacting with our environments? This is exactly what a small yet growing community of technologists are doing.

The way Cannon sees it, biohacking is all around us. “In a way, eyeglasses are a body hack, a piece of equipment that enhances your sense, and pretty quickly becomes like a part of your body,” says Cannon. He took a pair of electrodes off the workbench and attached them to my temples. “Your brain works through electricity, so why not help to boost that?” A sharp pinch ran across my forehead as the first volts flowed into my skull. He and Sarver laughed as my face involuntarily twitched. “You’re one of us now,” Cannon says with a laugh.

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